Please note the due to an unforseen increase in insurance costs myrentalhorsebox has suspended all its services. Exisiting bookings will be honoured. When an update is available all registered owners will be contacted. is a unique service allowing horsebox owners to profit from their horseboxes by making them available for self-drive horsebox hire.

We have two offerings:

1) Our standard Horsebox Rental Scheme - This allows horsebox owners to make their horsebox available for hire to anyone in the UK who is looking for horsebox hire, by listing it on our website. We take care of all your horsebox hire marketing, booking and payments and cover your horsebox for self-drive hire under our policy in exchange for 25% of your horsebox hire income.


2) Our Rent to Hire offering – This is a brand new offering where we rent you a brand new lorry on a long term basis which you can use for your own personal use or for hiring out to other people. It’s a brilliant way of getting the use of a fantastic new lorry without the upfront cost of purchase. Depending on the number of self-drive hires you get, your brand new lorry may cost you nothing at all or make you a profit! Contact us to find out more.




Additionally, all our members can benefit from negotiated servicing and repair rates from our alliance with national fleet services Pullman, whether you rent out your lorry or not. Contact us for details.